Thursday, May 16, 2013

Opportunities in the Great Big Literary World- May 16, 2013

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   Hello all! I've been thinking a lot lately about writers and how I can further assist them in their writing endeavors. I am also quite the observer and I have been taking notes on some things concerning writers. I have noticed that beginning writers often don't know where to start. If you know me well, then you know that I have an incessant need to help writers in any way I can. I have the need to share my knowledge (though I am still learning myself) and also any information I come across that may be useful. My observations have inspired me to write a blog post for new writers. I've also been inspired to move forward with some other projects that I've had on the back burner. Stay tuned. And in the meantime, check out the opportunities. Keep writing, keep learning about your craft and keep believing in your writing dreams. 


1. The Baltimore Review

The theme for The Baltimore Review’s summer contest is Threes. Three—what? That’s entirely up to you. Tercets. Three stanzas. Three characters. Three rooms. Three wishes. Three sisters. Three apples. A three-fingered man. Triplets. A trio. A three on the roll of the dice. Three of swords. The rule of three. Third time's the charm. So many possibilities. Three winners will be selected from among all entries. All entries considered for publication. Prizes are: $500, $200, and $100. Entry fee is $10. Deadline is May 31, 2013

2. The Puritan's Second Annual Thomas Morton Memorial Prize 

The Second Annual Thomas Morton Memorial Prize in Literary Excellence recognizes the best in fiction and poetry received in 2013. The winners in the fields of fiction and poetry will each receive a generous prize package: 

Fiction: $900 / Poetry: $600
Publication in The Puritan (Issue XXIII: Fall 2013)
Prize Pack of titles from 12 Canadian publishers, each worth approximately $600.

Entry fee is $10 and the contest ends on September 30, 2013.

Calls for Submissions

1. Thornapple Books

Thornapple Books, the literary fiction imprint of Levellers Press in Amherst Massachusetts, is currently accepting submissions of literary fiction, both novels and short story collections.

2. Valparaiso Fiction Review

Valparaiso Fiction Review, which has just released its Summer 2013 issue, is now seeking works of short fiction for its upcoming issue. VFR publishes two editions a year, in December and in May, and it features fiction from established or emerging writers.

3. Off the Coast

Off the Coast, is now accepting poetry, artwork/photos and books for review for the summer issue. Submission period deadline is June 15, 2013

4. HEArt

HEArt — Human Equity through Art — seeks artistically crafted, powerful poems, stories, essays, photos, visual art and music that challenges the status quo, fights discrimination and promotes social justice by tackling hard issues such as gender, race, class, sex, etc. for the launch of HEArt Journal Online. Deadline is August 15, 2013. There is an entry fee of $2.

   As always, Black Fox Literary Magazine is accepting submissions of fiction, creative non-fiction, poetry, art and photography. Happy Writing! 

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