Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Opportunities in the Great Big Literary World- May 29, 2012

Song of the Day: Shake it Up by Selena Gomez

   Hello all! How was your long weekend? Any writing or reading done? It's true what they say about distance between writer and story/novel. I spent some time this past weekend going through some old short stories that I either didn't finish, or stepped away from. A lot of them weren't half bad. In others, I saw some of the flaws and I found myself getting excited to fix them. If I didn't know that putting writing projects away for a little while helps, well, I sure know it now. I'll be looking forward to polishing my rediscovered stories and submitting them over the next couple of weeks. Hope you've been submitting your work, or at least thinking about submitting your work. Here are this week's fresh batch of opportunities.


1. 2012 Nano Prize

The Fourth Annual NANO Prize, awarding publication and $500 to a previously unpublished work of fiction 300 words or fewer, is now open. All entrants receive a one year subscription to NANO Fiction and winners will be announced in September. All entries will be considered for publication. Entry fee is $15 for up to three stories. Contest closes on August 31, 2012.


2. Room Magazine

Room Magazine will host their annual contest and they're calling all women writers to submit their best fiction, creative non-fiction and poetry. First prize in each category receives $500, second prize receives $250. Winners will be published in a 2013 issue of Room. Other manuscripts may be published. Entry fee is $30 for Canadian residents and $42 for writers outside of Canada. The contest ends on June 15, 2012.


3. Red Hen Short Story Award

The Los Angeles Review will award one short story a prize of $1000 and publication by Red Hen Press in the Los Angeles Review. Entry fee is $20 for two stories. The contest will end on June 30, 2012.


Calls for Submissions:

1. Gloom Cupboard

Gloom Cupboard accepts fiction, creative non-fiction, poetry and book reviews on a rolling basis.


2. Trans Lit Mag

Trans Lit Mag is open for submissions of literary fiction, poems, short shorts, comics, sketches, scenes, ten-minute plays, novel excerpts, serialized novels, photography, drawings, original translations, open letters, reviews and criticism. Each issue of Trans Lit Mag has its own title that should be thought of as a guiding principle, but not a limitation.


3. Holy Cow! Press' Home Anthology

For a forthcoming anthology, Holy Cow! Press would like to consider poetry and personal essays on the idea of HOME-- where it's located in one's life, how it may have changed over time. They are looking for a wide variety of perspectives and interpretations. Topics might include leaving home, myths of return, politics of home, displacement, and yearning for home. New work and previously published writings are welcome. There is a reading fee of $10 and the deadline is June 30, 2012.


4. Quiddity

Quiddity is looking for submissions of prose and poetry.


5. Tule Review

Tule Review, a publication of Sacramento Poetry Center, is seeking submissions of poetry. Deadline for the Fall 2012 issue is July 1, 2012.


   As always, Black Fox Literary Magazine is accepting submissions of fiction, non-fiction, poetry, art and photography. For those of you reading my blog for the first time, I usually post a fresh batch of opportunities for writers every Monday. Happy Writing!

Monday, May 21, 2012

Opportunities in the Great Big Literary World- May 21, 2012

Song of the Day: Good Feeling by Flo Rida

   Hello all! I'm still coming down from the high of seeing my name in print over at Blink Ink Magazine. All the excitement got me really pumped for the weekend and I had one of the most productive weekends that I've had in a long time. I absolutely love it when I have nowhere to be. I got some writing done, got to catch up on some much needed reading and worked on my writing business. I also got to edit and submit a few short stories. Which reminds me, have you been taking the time to submit your work? I've only had two stories published, but both of them were rejected multiple times before I got one yes. It's important to keep trying, even if you don't feel like it. That is the time when you should be most persistent. Now, go on, be persistent with the opportunities I found for this week.


1. The Gatewood Prize

The Gatewood Prize is Switchback Books' annual competition for a first or second full-length (48-80 pp.) collection of poems by a woman writing in the English language. Entry fee is $18 (reading fee only) or $28 (and you receive a book of your choice from their catalog). Deadline is June 15, 2012.


2. Pachaas

Pachaas is Foundling Review's second 50-word Fiction Contest. Fifty words, no more, no less.There is no entry fee and the contest ends on July 15, 2012.


Calls for Submissions:

1. Another Chicago Magazine

Another Chicago Magazine is currently open for submissions of fiction, non-fiction, poetry, comics, short plays, tangents, e-mails, comedy, memes, text/image hybrids and art.


2. A River & Sound Review

A River & Sound Review is accepting submissions of poetry (especially poetry), fiction, nonfiction, and humor for its seventh issue. They pay: $25 for poetry, $50 for prose. Submission period ends May 31, 2012.


3. Sundress Publications Women & Place Anthology

Sundress Publications is currently looking for submissions from women for a multi-genre anthology (poetry, fiction, and nonfiction) centered on the idea of "place" to be published in October 2013. Submissions will be accepted throughout 2012 on a rolling basis.


4. Thick Jam

Thick Jama new online flash fiction magazine, is seeking beautifully written stories that stick. Stories should be 90-900 words in length. 


5. Referential Magazine

Referential Magazine is open year round for "referred" submissions but they're also currently open for new features (fiction, non-fiction, poetry, art). "Referred" means that you must refer to something that already appears on their site.

As always Black Fox Literary Magazine is accepting submissions of fiction, non-fiction, poetry and art. Happy Writing!

Friday, May 18, 2012

Published! My Short Story in Blink Ink!

Song of the Day: Celebration by Lumidee feat. Calibe & Beanie Man

Hello all! Today is a good day, simply because it's FRIDAY! I also have some good news! Maybe you remember me saying back in March that my short story, Baby Broker, was going to be published in the Spring Issue of Blink Ink Magazine. Well, the issue is out! Look at this:

That's me! That's me! My name is in print! It may not be a big deal to many others, but it is to me. Seeing my story published and knowing that other people are reading it, is one of the most amazing feelings! It's addicting, too. After I got the issue in the mail, I submitted to a bunch of other magazines. (Fingers crossed!) I can only imagine what it will feel like to see my name on my own novel someday. If you want to read the story, you can purchase the issue on the Blink Ink website. It's only $2.00 + $1.00 for shipping. You might consider supporting the magazine with a one year subscription, which is only $5.00!

Hope everyone has a great weekend! And remember to keep submitting your work!

Monday, May 14, 2012

Opportunities in the Great Big Literary World- May 14, 2012

Song of the Day: Think Good Thoughts by Colbie Caillat

   Hello all! How was the weekend? Being that is was Mother's Day this past Sunday, I have to admit that I didn't get much done. I went home for the weekend to be with my family. If you've been following my blog, then you know that I don't get much done when I'm around my family. And my mother LOVES to talk. And that's okay, because I love our conversations. Mom, if you're reading this, I love you!

   Last week, I said I was going to concentrate on my own writing and editing. I actually didn't get to edit my novel, but I worked on a few short stories. I also submitted to a ton of literary magazines. I've already gotten two rejections! Now to frantically check my email every two seconds while my work is under a microscope with the rest of literary magazines. I won't let it stop me from remaining hopeful and believing in my work, and you shouldn't either! Put your work out there!


1. 1913 Press Prize

1913 Press will read submissions for a FIRST BOOK in ANY (or NO) GENRE during the month of MAY 2012. The winning book(s) will be announced by September 30, 2012. All work submitted will also be considered for inclusion in 1913: A Journal of Forms. Reading fee is $25 and the contest deadline is May 31, 2012.


2. Swan Scythe Press Poetry Chapbook Contest

Swan Scythe Press is accepting manuscripts for its 2012 Poetry Contest. Any poet writing in English is eligible to submit. Winner will receive publication, $200, and 25 copies of a perfect-bound chapbook with full-color cover. The entry fee is $16 and the Contest closes June 1, 2012.


Calls for Submissions:

1. Assisi: An Online Journal of Arts and Letters

Assisi is looking for an eclectic mix of essays (both academic and personal), short fiction and poetry. They also publish photographs, drawings and other art works.


2. Rose Red Review

Rose Red Review is seeking art, fiction, photography, and poetry that best reflects the magic in the every day work that honors the past, the moment, and the uncertain future. Rose Red Review loves magical realism and pieces that possess a fairy tale. Submission period ends June 10, 2012. 


3. (ĕm): A Review of Text and Image

(ĕm) invites writers to submit poetry, translations, fiction, creative non-fiction, lyric essays, graphic narratives, comic strips, photographs, paintings, miscellaneous artwork, book reviews, etc.


4. Conclave: A Journal of Character

Conclave is seeking submissions of poetry, short stories, flash fiction, creative non-fiction, and art/photography for Issue 4.


5. Sweet: A Literary Confection

Sweet invites writers to submit poetry, creative non-fiction, lyric essays, non-fiction graphic narratives, and photo essays.


6. The Citron Review

The Citron Review accepts submissions of micro-fiction, flash fiction, poetry and creative non-fiction.


   As always, Black Fox Literary Magazine is accepting submissions of fiction, non-fiction, poetry and art. Check out issue #4 if you haven't already! Happy Writing!

Monday, May 7, 2012

Opportunities in the Great Big Literary World- May 7, 2012

Song of the Day: Win by Brian McKnight

   Hello all! How was the weekend? I've been so busy lately that I haven't had much time to edit or write my own work. When I'm away from writing too long, I get that burning feeling that something isn't quite right. It's the writing bug and all the writers out there know what I'm talking about. I'm itching to get back into my own work and I've decided to dedicate this week to my own writing and editing. I have had quite a few short story ideas in my head that I need to get down on the page. I have also spent a good deal of time away from my novel, and well, I just miss it. I'm going to submit to a few magazines this week as well. I hope you've all been keeping up with your submissions, even if you haven't been, you can start at any time. Here's what I found this week.


1. Gemini Magazine Flash Fiction Contest

Gemini Magazine is pleased to announce its Fourth Annual Flash Fiction Contest. The grand prize is $1,000. Stories should be no more than 1,000 words. No restrictions on content, style or genre. Second place wins $100 and there's a third place prize of $50 plus three honorable mentions. All six finalists will be published online in the October 2012 issue of Gemini. Deadline is August 31, 2012


Calls for Submissions:

1. Blue Lyra Review

Blue Lyra Review is a new literary magazine seeking submissions of poetry, non-fiction and art for their first issue.


2. Four Way Books

Four Way Books will be reading book-length collections of poetry written in English, regardless of publication history. They will also read short story collections, and consider novellas of between 80 - 200 pages. Selected authors will receive publication and a reading in NYC. Reading fee is $28 and the reading period will take place from June 1, 2012 - June 30, 2012.


3. Generations Literary Journal

Generations Literary Journal welcomes submissions of poetry, short fiction, personal narrative and artwork from writers and artists who represent all generations. Each issue is themed. The theme for the upcoming issue is Rites of Passage. Reading period for the next issue ends May 15, 2012.


4. Specter Magazine

Submissions for Specter's first themed issue, The Hip-Hop Issue, have been extended to May 15, 2012. They're looking for fiction, poetry, non-fiction, and art/photography which embodies a hip-hop aesthetic.  


5. Valparaiso Fiction Review

Valparaiso Fiction Review is seeking works of short fiction for its upcoming Winter 2012 issue.


6. Switchback

Switchback is now accepting submissions for Issue 16 and they want your best fiction, poetry, nonfiction or art. The theme for Issue 16 is: Current.


   As always, Black Fox Literary Magazine is accepting submissions of fiction, non-fiction, poetry and art. We just released the Spring Issue (#4) last week! Check it out on our website. It's also available in print or eBook! Happy writing!

Thursday, May 3, 2012

New Issue of Black Fox Literary Magazine!

   Hello all! The Spring issue of Black Fox Literary Magazine is now live on our website! I'm so excited to release this one. We have some of the best fiction, non-fiction, poetry and art this time around. Pam, Marquita and I are so proud of this issue and we're thrilled to have so many quality pieces coming our way.

   As always, the issue is available on the BFLM site for free. You can support us by purchasing the print copy or the eBook version. We just started offering the eBook version and it can be viewed on most readers, including the iPad. We hope you enjoy the issue! Happy reading!

Features work by: Jason Lea, Frank Scozzari, Sean Walsh, Carol Hornak, Sarah Goncalves, Diane Gillette, Alejandra Taylor, Sanchari Sur, Ray Succre Devon Sova, Trina Gaynon, Jennifer Lenhardt, Sagirah Shahid, Grace Woodard, Mary Lee, Scott William Woods and Michael McConnell.  Special Interview with Jamie Reed, author of Living VioletCover Artist: Daniel Dysson.