Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The Hunger Games Movie: Who Cares if You're Black or White?

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   Even if you haven't seen The Hunger Games movie, you've probably heard about the controversy surrounding the characters. Apparently, we are still living in a world that is quite backwards. This post will not contain any spoilers about the movie. Rather, I want to address the issue regarding the characters.

  Several racist comments were made via Twitter about the characters that were chosen to play three of the roles. The role of Cinna was played by Lenny Kravitz. First, I cannot for the life of me imagine anyone having a problem with Lenny Kravitz. I mean come on, it's LENNY KRAVITZ! I thought he fit the role and played it well.

   The other two characters, Rue and Thresh were also black characters. If the idiots who tweeted racist remarks would READ CAREFULLY, they would know that both these characters were described as having dark skin. Someone actually tweeted, "I was pumped about The Hunger Games. Until I learned that a black girl was playing Rue." Another said, "Eww Rue is black? I'm not watching." And the worst of them all, the most DISGUSTING in my opinion, is this one: "Sense when has Rue been a nigger."

   First, let's at least be grammatically correct if we know our tweets are going to get attention. And two, the fact that people still think it's okay to say the "N" word to describe a black person is just repulsive. I cannot believe that people are still thinking this way. I know that I shouldn't be surprised. I tend to look at the world through rose colored glass, at least that's what people that are close to me tell me. And I may have thought that this was possible, but I didn't think people would actually come out and say such horrific things on a social media network. What a set back for ALL human beings.

   The sad thing is that these people clearly didn't read the book thoroughly, which tells me something about their level of intelligence. I feel sorry for them, really. To have a mind that is so closed is a shame because you're missing out on so much. Our energies can be better spent doing things that actually matter.

   This is part of the reason I do not address race in my own writing. I strive to make my characters universal. It shouldn't matter if my character is black, white, purple or pink. I do believe that disclosing race is sometimes necessary, but you have to be telling a very specific story. For me, my characters are race-less. I was taught not to see color and that is the way I write.

   I originally read about this in another blog post at If you want to read the original article and see the other tweets you can find it here. I'll warn you that the post contains spoilers. I didn't comment nearly as much as I wanted because I didn't want my post to include spoilers. I urge you to read the post. I hope that the rest of us (people with common sense) can find a way to take something away from this. Society should be at a point where we are helping each other, not dragging each other down over something as petty as skin color.


  1. I agree! There is no need to comment on race. It is truly saddening to witness such racism in 2012...

  2. I heard about this on the news last night. I shouldn't be as surprised about this as I am, but there you go.

  3. I agree that those tweets are awful, but I also think it says good things about the culture we live in that people with backwards racist beliefs like this get called out on it!

    I am waiting for the day when the same thing happens with sexist remarks. Hopefully it will be sooner rather than later.

  4. I heard about this debate when the first promo pictures for the movie were released. Too bad some people are so hung up on race.

  5. I was really upset by the comments. I guess I'm not that surprised people like this exist (Trayvon Martin's murder has brought to light the racism that still exists in this country) but it's crazy that they said these things publicly like it was okay. Ridiculous. I agree with Angela that it's great so many people have spoken out against these comments.

  6. That really is terrible that people are responding like that. I like your comment that you don't focus on race when you write. It shouldn't be judged like that. I've had characters that are all different races and colors. People are stupid.

  7. It is really awful that people act like that. I thought the casting was perfect. It's annoying when people complain about Lenny (I mean, seriously, who could complain about LK!), but even worse when it highlights their racism AND their lack of reading comprehension.

  8. I had to click on this four times until I was able to comment. Blogger must have a glitch tonight.

    Anyway, I think the comments and controversy are ridiculous and narrow-minded. I know people of all ages read and watched HG, but it worries me if young people are saying this. I thought many more people would be past this racist nonsense.