Monday, January 9, 2012

Opportunities in the Great Big Literary World- January 9, 2012

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   Hello all! How was the weekend? I have to say that I had a rather productive one. I finished reading my first novel for the year, which means I'm right on schedule. I really hope I can keep it up. I also got some work done for Black Fox. The latest issue will be released on the last Monday of this month so it's crunch time! I must admit, I still need to get some work submitted. I'm ready to get the ball rolling on my short stories for 2012. Have you submitted anything yet? If not, I've got options for you, including Playboy. Yes, you read that right! Turns out you don't have to take your clothes off to get into Playboy. You can be a college student and write a really good story. Read on for the contest details.


1. WRITERS' Journal Fiction Contest

WRITERS' Journal will host its annual fiction contest. First place will win $500, second place will win $200 and third place will win $100. Honorable mentions will also be announced. Publication in future issues of WRITERS' Journal will be given to winners and selected honorable mentions. Entry fee is $15 and the contest closes on January 30, 2012.

Playboy College Fiction Contest

The contest is open to college students of any age. First prize is $3,000 and publication in the November 2012 issue. Second prize is $500 and a year subscription. Third prize is $200 and a year subscription. Entry fee is $5 and the deadline is February 15, 2012.

Calls for Submissions:

1. Cumberland River Review

Cumberland Review is currently accepting submissions of fiction, poetry, essays and arts.

2. Don't Look at the Sun

Don't Look at the Sun is accepting submissions for its next issue titled, Paper Plane Poems/Paper Plane Prose. The issue will feature poems, short stories, flash fiction, and any bits of misfit lit. All submissions must fit on a single sheet of paper so that they can be folded into paper planes and flown off from the rooftops in Paris.

3. Unswept

Unswept, a Singapore based literary magazine, is looking for poems, stories, essays, reviews or other creative texts. The current reading period will end May 1, 2012.

As always, Black Fox Literary Magazine is accepting submissions of fiction, non-fiction, poetry and art. Be on the look out for issue #3 later this month! Happy Writing!

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  1. I've submitted some stories. Now I'm being more selective where I submit. In the past I used to spend a fortune on entry fees, but I've opted out. If the fee's not that much, then I'll consider it.
    Thank you for sharing these links.