Friday, July 29, 2011

Release Day!- Black Fox Literary Magazine Issue #1

Song of the Day: Celebration by Kylie Minogue

    Hello all! Today I'm writing this post with a HUGE smile on my face. After many trials, after many hours of pouring over manuscripts and formatting documents, the first issue of Black Fox Literary Magazine is being released today. FINALLY. I can't tell you what this means to Pam, Quita and myself. Starting this magazine was only a dream, and now it has manifested into reality. This release makes it all seem so official. If you have a moment, stop by our website and view the digital version of the issue at no cost. If you'd prefer a physical copy, or would simply like to support us, you can order a print copy of the issue. Either way, we just want you to read the magazine and enjoy the words of our fine contributors. Join us!

Featuring Work by: Dwayne John (Cover Artist), Caroline Bailey Lewis, Angela Brown, Pamela Jessen, Jen Knox, Joanna S. Lee, Mike Maher, Alex Mullarky, and Diana Raab. Interviews with Contributor Jen Knox and Authors Lisa and Laura Roecker.

You can read it online, buy the print copy for $10 or download the file for $1.99.