Friday, July 1, 2011

Friday Fives or Four- Cream of the Crop Cliches (via Paper Hangover)

Song of the Day: The Cliché Song by Christopher Mast

   Hello all! Time for Friday Fives! Before we get there, I have a few announcements. First, the opportunities I post on Monday, will be posted on Tuesday. Therefore, the two winners of my contest will be announced Tuesday instead on Monday. I'm taking this weekend to get my writing life together and hopefully do a little relaxing with my family. Also, this week I had my blog custom designed! I can't wait to reveal the new layout and design to you. Check back on Tuesday July 5, 2011!

   I'd just like to say that this was the hardest Friday Fives for me, so I only have four, which would make it Friday Four. The blog Paper Hangover asks:

What are your FIVE favorite cliches?

1. The Heroine

This is the most appropriate writing cliche for me because the heroine is the topic of my thesis (yes, I'm in thesis mode.) We've seen them in the past with Jane Eyre from Jane Eyre and Elizabeth Bennett from Pride and Prejudice, and we see them in more modern books with characters such as Precious in Push and Janie in Their Eyes Were Watching God. Many argue that the heroine is a cliche, but I don't think she's ever going away. I for one love reading about her.

2. The Ex vs. The New Guy (or Bad Boy vs. Good Guy)

Often times a female character will break up with a guy (who is usually the bad boy) and find a new guy (the good guy.) The female will then go back to the ex once he shows interest again (usually due to seeing her with a new guy.) But in the end she realizes that the good guy is who she should be with. I love when the good guy wins.

3. The Sarcastic Main Character or Sidekick

I love sarcasm. The end.

4. The Enemy

The adversary always makes a more interesting read. They tend to shake up the equilibrium of the main character plus get the reader to be sympathetic to the MC.

What about you? What are your favorite writing cliches? Also, seriously check out the song of the day. It's a song composed entirely of cliches. So cool!


  1. I love writing the antagonist. I'll be checking back as well to see your new layout!

  2. Favorite writing cliché?
    Hmmm... "my heart was racing"? LOL. I kinda love that one.
    And thanks for sharing! :D

  3. I always loved playing the bad guy on stage and I love, love writing him! Great list! I too love a sarcastic main character - mine seem to be full of snark.

  4. Ex vs new guy, such a classic. I really don't like it though!

  5. I love sarcasm too! A little too much, truth being told. Great list!

  6. Ooh, I love the sarcastic sidekick--can't believe I forgot all about that one! I always find myself rooting for them and wishing that they had a huger plotline. :)

  7. I LOVE the sarcastic character too, Racquel. Maybe it's because I can be quite sarcastic myself ;)

  8. I haven't written one yet, but I adore the "love triangle."

  9. OMG love the new design! It's so pretty. :)

    Also, I love sarcasm too.