Friday, June 24, 2011

Friday Fives- What Gets the Creativity Flowing (via Paper Hangover)

Song of the Day: Let it Flow by Toni Braxton
   Hello all! Time for Friday Fives again! Can you tell I'm excited? The blog Paper Hangover hosts it's weekly segment titled, Friday Fives. Feel free to hop over there and join in on the fun. This week's question:

What are five things that get your creativity flowing?

1. Music

I have been a lover of music for my entire life. A couple of years ago, I had been in a writing slump and a writing buddy of mine suggested I listen to music. Really listen to it. She told me that songs tell a story. Just like you might pick up something to read and get inspired, the same is true with a song.

2. Reading

Reading almost always gets me in the mood to write. Sometimes when I'm reading, my characters will nag at me. They often say, "You should be writing about me and not reading. I have a story to tell too, you know."

3. Watching TV

You're probably thinking, that's just an excuse for me to watch TV, and you're right. Well, you're half right anyway. I do LOVE watching TV, but seriously, I get A TON of story ideas when I'm watching it. It's also a way for me to study people in general. Though some of these people on TV may be fictional characters, people like them because they're realistic. This is the same goal we have in our writing, the "believable factor."

4. Free Writing or a Writing Exercise

Sometimes I just start writing whatever comes to mind and if I'm lucky it can develop to become a story. I learned how to free write early on and it's something that has always stayed with me. The same is true for writing exercises. Some of the stories that I'm most proud of started out as writing exercises.

5. Running

I enjoy running not only because I always feel amazing after, but also because I get story ideas while running. I also feel like it clears my mind. After a good run, it's as though my mind is a clean slate and ready for whatever writing project I'm working on.

What about you? What gets your creativity flowing?

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  1. 'My characters will nag at me. They often say, "You should be writing about me and not reading. I have a story to tell too, you know."

    Glad to know I'm not the only one who gets this :)

  2. I suggested free writing too! And TV does help a lot. I've been studying body language while watching TV lately. Did you know that soaps do a lot more head shakes than regular shows?

  3. I have had that moment while reading, too--but I think there is no better research for a writer than reading. It's like continuing education, ya know? These are great items...I wish I got the same rush from running as you do. Usually I just complain how sweaty my hair is and how much my stomach hurts :)

  4. Music and reading inspire me too. :)