Monday, March 28, 2011

Opportunities in the Great Big Literary World- March 28, 2011

Song of the Day: She Works Hard for Her Money by Donna Summer

    Hello all! How was the weekend? I hope you had a productive one! I didn't blog a lot last week because I've been practicing everyday with my sorority for a stroll competition (it's pretty much dancing in a line.) It's over now and I'm back to my normal schedule. I'll take this moment to check in with you all. Have you been submitting your work? Last week I got another rejection on one of my flash pieces. Sigh. It sure is one hard, long road to becoming a writer. Though it's EXTREMELY discouraging, I remain hopeful and I won't give up. I'll submit it again to yet another literary magazine. That rejection also made it that much harder to reject manuscripts that came into Black Fox. I was reading submissions last night and as I was sending out letters regarding the unaccepted manuscripts, it made my heart hurt a little. I know what it's like to get a rejection and here I am sending them out. I felt horrible. But I have to remember that rejection is part of the writing process, and I hope that those letters I sent out will only make those writers stronger. If you're reading this and you did get one of those letters, I hope that you'll press on, edit, and re-submit. Don't give up! Take a look at the opportunities today.


1. Shelley Watters' Epic Follower Blogfest/Contest

I came across Shelley's blog via twitter. She's over at Is It Hot In Here Or Is It This Book? She's reached 100 followers and in order to celebrate she's hosting a contest. The grand prize is a FULL MANUSCRIPT REQUEST from Suzie Townsend of Fine Print Literary Management. WOW! For more information on how to enter Shelley's contest visit her blog.

2. Reading Vacation's Kindle Giveaway

There's an awesome giveaway over at Reading Vacation! I also found this blog via twitter. To celebrate one year, Reading Vacation will give away a Kindle e-reader! For more information on how to enter, please stop by the blog and follow! Deadline is March 31, 2011.

3. Glimmer Train Fiction Contest

Glimmer Train Stories is open for submissions of fiction. Stories can be 2,000-20,000 words. First place will win $2,000 and publication in Glimmer Train Stories. Second place will win $1,000 and possible publication. Third place will win $600 and possible publication. Entry fee is $18 and the contest deadline is March 31, 2011.

Call for submissions:

1. Eclectica Magazine

Eclectica Magazine is now accepting submissions for the July/August 2011 issue. Any submission received between now and June 1, 2011 will be considered for that issue. The magazine accepts fiction, poetry, essays, creative non-fiction, drama, book and movie reviews, travel writing, interviews and humor/satire. For more information on how to submit, click the link below.

As always, you still have time to enter The Black Fox Fiction Contest for a chance at $100! We are also accepting flash fiction and poetry for weekly web features. Happy Writing!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Opportunities in the Great Big Literary World- March 21, 2011

Song of the Day:  9-5 by Dolly Parton

    Hello all! Hope your weekend was a wonderful one. It's Monday again (thumbs down.) I usually don't have the Monday Blues because I don't work on Mondays, but today, I'm working. I have a side job where I'm a pretend patient for medical students. So, I'll be there today. The Good news is that it's only until 1:30. For you, the good news is I've got tons of opportunities! Check them out and pick something!


1. Susan Mallery's $100 Blogger Giveaway

If you have a blog, this contest is simple. Author, Susan Mallery is giving away $100 to a bookstore of your choice as the grand prize. All you have to do is add the Already Home Widget to your sidebar and email with the link to your blog. Already Home is Susan's new book which will hit stores on March 29, 2011. A winner will be randomly chosen on April 26, 2011. You can find the widget and more information at the link below.

2. Pitch2Win Writing Contest

For this contest you pitch your book on twitter by March 27, 2011 for a chance to have your writing reviewed by Writer's Digest and for a chance to win a publishing contract and marketing package from Abbott Press. The contest involves following @AbbottPress on Twitter. For official rules please visit the link below.

3.Sixth Annual Flash Prose Contest

WriterAdvice seeks flash fiction, memoir, and creative non-fiction that "grabs, surprises, and mesmerizes" readers in less than 750 words. First Place will receive a prize of $150; Second Place a prize of $75; Third Place a prize of $50; Fourth Place a prize of $25; Honorable Mentions will also be published. The contest entry fee is $10 and the deadline is April 15, 2011. Click the link below for more information.

4. StoryBoard TV's Pilot Script Contest

StoryBoard TV is hosting a contest for scripts. If you've written a script for a TV show they want to read it, help you make it better and maybe even give you $2,000. To enter the contest you must become a StoryBoard member, upload your script and/or read others online, offer feedback to other writers using the comments section, and vote for the winning script when the time comes. Ten finalists will receive a notes session with SBTV and the Grand Prize winner will receive a check for $2,000. The contest entry fee is $20 and the contest closes on April 25, 2011. For official contest rules visit their website.

5. Pam and Quita's 200 Follower Giveaway

My lovely adopted sisters over at Y(A)? Cuz We Write! have reached 200+ followers. In honor of that they will give away two prizes. One will be a reader's prize pack containing a copy of The Duff by Kody Keplinger and Delirium by Lauren Oliver. The second will be a writer's prize pack containing a moleskin notebook and cool pens. For more information on how to enter click the link below. And if you don't already follow them, do so ASAP, they're AWESOME!

Call for Submissions:

1. Work Magazine

Work Magazine is looking for submissions of previously unpublished poetry, short fiction and non-fiction (2500 words or less), flash fiction (750 words or less), photography, artwork, and interviews. At the moment they offer no compensation, but authors selected for their anthology will receive a complimentary copy. See the link below for more information.

2.Verbal Pyrotechnics

This is an awesome new literary magazine I found it over on Ghenet's blog (All About Them Words). It's a magazine featuring short stories for teens. The first issue was released last week. Go check them out for information on how to submit.

As always, The Black Fox Literary Magazine is hosting a fiction contest. First Prize wins $100! We are also accepting submissions of flash fiction and poetry for weekly web features. Happy Writing!

Friday, March 18, 2011

Friday Flash #2- Biting the Dust (via Paper Hangover)

Song of the Day: What Becomes of the Broken Hearted by Jimmy Ruffin

    Hello all! I usually don't blog on Fridays, but I'm going to start. My awesome adopted sis Pam Harris is part of a cool new blog called The Paper Hangover (seriously, go follow them they are an amazing group of writers!) Every Friday they'll host "Flash Fiction Friday," where they give you a prompt and you write a story in 300 words or less. I'll be participating every Friday because I'm pretty much in love with flash fiction! The prompt today is: In 300 words or less, write a story beginning with the cliche, "Another one bites the dust." If you want to try it out just click the link above to visit the blog! Here's my flash piece:

   Another one bites the dust. Hell, I hope he turns into dust for what he's done to me. That should be a rule. People who break hearts must be turned into dust. I'm willing to bet people would think twice before they decided to hold a heart.

   If the prospect of turning to dust was hovering over Jeremy, he would've been more careful with my heart. He wouldn't have held it in his hand if he was already holding Zoe's. It would've been too risky. Afterall, holding two hearts in one hand is more dangerous than holding just one. You're more prone to dropping one and breaking it. There's also the risk of dropping and breaking both.

   Jeremy dropped both hearts but only broke one. Zoe's heart had only cracked. Jeremy was swift in picking it up, this time holding it in both hands. He kissed it, whispered how much he loved it and sang songs about being sorry to it. He was more careful, never removing either hand, which meant there was no picking up mine. He left mine on the floor, too many scattered pieces. It was too broken to be worth saving.

   So I picked up the pieces myself, since he would not. I did a decent job, but because it had been shattered so much, it was impossible to find all the pieces. Some of them had been crushed together so that they looked like dust. Those would have to be swept up in the dust pan and thrown in the trash.

Hope you liked it! Check back next Friday for another one! Will you be participating?

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Literary Fiction- Am I Alone?

Song of the Day: Eleanor Rigby by The Beatles

    Hello all! Today I wanted to talk about the type of writing I write. I'm working towards becoming an author of literary fiction. I recently read a blog post that was a rant about literary fiction and literary fiction authors. The post stated that literary fiction is dying and that most people read genre fiction (i.e. horror, fantasy, sci-fi, romance, mystery, etc.) The post was really more of a comeback to literary fiction authors who look down on genre writers. I am not one of those writers. I actually read everything except horror/sci-fi/fantasy and that is due to religious reasons. There was a point in my life where I explored writing both YA and romance. When I did try it out, it felt forced, and "not me." I decided that deep down I always knew I wanted to write literary fiction and I wondered why I tried to fight it. Was I denying it because it wasn't the "popular" kind of writing? At the time, I can say that I was genuinely confused, however I do think there was this underlying denial of literary fiction because it isn't very popular. But is literary fiction really dying?

    To be honest, I have no idea. I will admit that I've noticed that most people read genre fiction. The YA market seems to be VERY HOT right now. I've read in quite a few places that romance dominates the book market.

    I also see this trend on blogspot. I've noticed that the majority of blogs I come across are created and run by YA writers. I absolutely love YA. My two wonderful writer friends and adopted sisters, Pam and Quita, write and blog about YA. It's because of them that I have a better understanding about it. BUT I don't write YA. I write literary fiction, and I'm finding that it's hard to come by writers like me. It's quite the lonely world.

    I officially decided that I wanted to write literary fiction last year. Okay, I admit that I like to rebel on certain things. At my MFA program there was a very heated debate about transparent writing v. translucent writing v. opaque writing. Many professors turned their noses up at the transparent writing and stated that they preferred literature that was opaque. I felt so strongly that I blogged about it. I said that people should write whatever they want to write about and that it shouldn't matter whether it was transparent or opaque. One isn't better than the other. At my program genre writing is frowned upon, though no one will openly admit this. I didn't like that and I think that's why I ended up even exploring women's fiction, romance, and YA. I wanted to show them that could write in a genre and write well. But, again, it wasn't for me. I was only doing it for the sake of "showing them."

    I made my decision to write literary fiction anyway. I knew it was going to be hard, but I like a challenge. Things in my life have never come easy, and I guess writing is no exception. At the AWP conference this past February I saw my writer idol, Joyce Carol Oates and after hearing her speak, there was not a doubt in my mind that I wanted to write literary fiction. She is such an inspiration. She primarily writes literary fiction, but she also writes YA, mystery, and horror. She writes in all these genres and she is BRILLIANT. Her work is phenomenal and always leaves you mesmerized at the end. That's the kind of fiction I want to write.

    There may be a point where I feel like writing in another genre, but for now, I'm focusing on literary fiction. I enjoy connecting with any writer in general, because where I am I just don't have the "writer support system." It would be nice though, to connect with writers who write what I write.

What do you think? Is literary fiction dying? Am I looking in the right places for writers who write it?

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

My First Guest Vlog!

Hello all! Well my guest blog is finally up! I ran into a few issues getting the vlog to transfer but it's finally up. A friend of mine (Adam) asked me to do this vlog on his YouTube channel called Five Foreign Friends. The topic he wanted me to talk about was "Friends in Other Countries." Check it out if you can! The channel itself is pretty awesome! Here's the link:
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Monday, March 14, 2011

Opportunities in the Great Big Literary World- March 14, 2011

Song of the Day: Takin' Care of Business by BTO

    Hello all! How was the weekend? I had a very productive one. I haven't been taking as much time as I should with my own blog because some opportunities to guest blog came up! It's actually been fun. This weekend I was asked to do my first guest vlog! I've never vlogged, so I thought I'd give it a try. I'm actually really nervous because I have no idea what I'm doing! My guest vlog will appear on Five Foreign Friends Youtube channel tomorrow. I'll post a link here tomorrow so you all can check it out. We'll see how this turns out!
     Have you all taken a look at your monthly submissions? Time to get the ball rolling if you haven't already! I've got the opportunities and today we've got some variety! GO!


1. Erinn's Life is Awesome Blog Contest

To celebrate the awesome things going on in her life, Erinn is hosting a contest over at her blog, Something Else to Distract Me. She has some amazing prizes! She'll give away a total of three prizes: A $25 gift card to Amazon, A pre-order of Where She Went, the sequel to If I Stay, and a FULL manuscript critique! What are you waiting for? Get over there NOW!

2. Writer Magazine 2011 Short Story Contest

The Writer Magazine is hosting their annual  short story contest. First prize is $1,000, a free 10-week workshop with Gotham Writers' Workshop, Publication in The Writer and, and a one year subscription to The Writer. A second and third prize will also be awarded. Submissions should be no more than 2,000 words. The entry fee is $10 and the contest closes on April 30, 2011. Click the link below for official guidelines.


Southern Kentucky Book Fest/Kentucky Writers Conference

Guess what folks? This conference is free, free, FREE! The conference is supported by donations, the main donor being Dollar General. The purpose of the conference is to promote literacy statewide. There will be workshops on memoir writing, finding a literary agent, shaping scenes, writing a query letter, and using humor in writing. Writer's Digest's Chuck Sambuchino will present a workshop on Saturday titled, "How to Get Published: Professional Writing Practices and What Editors Want." The conference is open to anyone who would like to attend and requires no registration. The conference will take place on April 15 & 16, 2011. For more information about the conference visit their website.

Publishers Seeking Submissions

 Avon Books

Avon Books is seeking fiction in all romance genres of all lengths including, (but not limited to): historical, paranormal, contemporary, and erotica. They want stories of emotional complexity, written by authors with unique voices. For more information on how to submit, visit their website.

As always, The Black Fox Fiction Contest is still going on! We are also seeking flash fiction and poetry for weekly web features. Happy Writing!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

I'm Guest Blogging Again! How to Survive the Battle With Writer's Block

Hello all! I'm guest blogging today over at Buffy Griffin's blog! My post is called, "The Writer's Block Battle: 6 Ways to Emerge Victorious." I have a couple unconventional ways. Please stop by and leave a comment if you can! I'm proud of this one! :)

Monday, March 7, 2011

Opportunities in the Great Big Literary World- March 7, 2011

Song of the Day: Make it Mine by Jason Mraz

    Hello all! Hope everyone is feeling rested and refreshed from the weekend! I finally got to eat sushi this weekend, which I'd been craving for weeks! It sounds strange, but I haven't even had time to sit down in a restaurant and have a meal (sad, I know.) Hopefully I'll be able to change that soon.
    I'm taking this moment to ask you all a question. Tell me, have you been submitting your work? How many places have you submitted to this year? I read somewhere that you should be submitting your work every month. I haven't been sticking to that philosophy. I do think it is a good one though. Time to light some fire under my behind! And yours too! I provide the opportunities list and all you have to do is the writing. Okay, maybe that's a little harder, but it's what we all love, right? So, Here they are. I urge you to take advantage of one of them.


1. The Pinch Literary Awards

 A prize of $1,000 and publication in the Pinch will be given for one poem and a prize of $1,500 and publication will be given for one short story. Jeffrey McDaniel and Rick Bass will judge. The entry fee is $20, which includes a subscription to the Pinch. Contest closes March 15, 2011. Click the link below for official contest rules.

2. Tusculum Review Fiction Contest

Tusculum Review awards a biannual prize of $1,000 and publication to one short story. Aimee Bender will judge. Short stories should be no more than 30 pages and should be accompanied by an entry fee of $15. Contest deadline is March 15, 2011. Visit the website for guidelines.

3. University of Nebraska Press Prairie Schooner Book Prizes

Two prizes of $3,000 each and Publication by University of Nebraska Press are given annually for collections of poetry and short fiction. Poetry submissions can be up to 50 pages and fiction submissions can be up to 150 pages. Entry fee is $15 and the contest deadline is March 15, 2011. View the link below for more information.

4. Ploughshares Emerging Fiction Writer's Contest

Ploughshares will award a prize of $500 and publication for one short story. Two runner-ups will also be announced. Submissions should be 5,000 words or less. Entry fee is $20 and a one year subscription to Ploughshares is included. Contest closes on March 15, 2011. Visit the websites for official rules and guidelines.

Folks, don't forget about the Black Fox Fiction Contest. First place winner will be awarded a prize of $100. We are also looking for poetry and flash fiction for weekly web segments. Good luck everyone and Happy Writing!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

I'm Guest Blogging Today! 7 Things An Author Website Should Have

Hello all! I'm guest blogging today  over at Annikka Woods' blog! I've compiled a checklist of 7 things every author website should have. Please stop by and say hi if you can! :)