Thursday, November 4, 2010

NanoWriMo- Updates and Comments to the Bashers

Song of the Day: King of Anything by Sara Bareilles

   Hello all! As you know, I'm participating in National Novel Writing Month this year! I can't believe it but I've been meeting the word goals every day, and I've written nearly 6,000 words so far! I had already started my novel before National Novel Writing Month as part of my final creative thesis for my MFA program. I didn't want to be a cheater so I came up with another idea for a novel. Then I read Nathan Bransford's blog advising writers to actually write on an idea that they were passionate about. Though I liked my new idea, I wasn't passionate about it because my first novel was never finished. That's when I spoke to my two best writing buddies, Pam and Marquita. They said, "Why don't you just add 50,000 words to the words you already have. That way it's not cheating." What a brilliant idea. Why didn't I think of that? I know, what would I do without them?
    So here I am having written close to 6,000 words over the space of 3 days (Today is day 4, but I'm only at about 100 words due to the fact that I am at my day job). That makes about 10,000 words total for my manuscript! It's the most words I've ever had on a manuscript ever! It's safe to say that I LOVE NANWRIMO! This brings me to my next point.
     I've come across several articles and blogs bashing NanoWriMo. If you are bashing the event and the organization, then essentially you are bashing its participants. I know that the method doesn't work for everyone, and it's okay to say that, but when you're putting writers and their efforts down, that's just not right. I think all participants realize that major editing will have to be done after the month of November. I honestly don't think anyone thinks they are going to type word number 50,000 then send it to an Agent and instantly get a book deal. While it may be possible (hey we can dream can't we?), I don't think anyone's expectations are so high. Why would you put down something that has people motivated to get their words on the page?
     I'm one of those writers who self edits as I go. I end up so frustrated that I just stop writing. This project has encouraged me to keep going. I keep it in the back of mind, that I can go back and change the wording later. There's nothing wrong with that. So to you NanoWriMo haters I say, "Talk to the hand!"
     Good luck to all my fellow Nanoers! Keep writing!

P.S. I know I already used this song, but it's so PERFECT for today's post!


  1. I love this blog!! I too don't understand the bashers. Either you are in it, or you're not. Why bash it because you think writing a novel in 30 days doesn't work for you. I don't care if you write the novel in a day or two years, there still will be lots of edits to do. I liek the community feel, since I have never really wrote with others (except in college but that was so long ago). Personally, I could do a nanowrimo type of challenge every other month just to get my brain cells going.

  2. You better preach, girl! I was thinking everything you said about the NaNo haters but just hadn't had the nerve to put it out there. Good job! And also, good job on your word count. Did you set a reward for yourself when you get to word 50,000???

  3. LOVE this post. I don't see what all the fuss is about. NaNo is a great opportunity for writers to follow the #1 rule: butt-in-chair. I love writing, but I'm the type of person that needs to give myself deadlines in order to get most of it done. I also love the sense of community with the NaNo writers--we're all rooting for each other. In fact, Quita and I may go to our first regional "write in" soon. :)

  4. Thats so cool! I've just stumbled onto your blog, and its awesome! I'm in Wales right now getting my Creative Writing MA as well! I think I'll be a bit of an unofficial Wrimo participate, as I am also writing my novel and I'm not sure if I'll meet the word counts. Plus, Im 4 days behind! But I'm totally excited for you! I could never have abandoned my novel either! Feel free to check out some of my Nano Gifts, prompts/inspirational Wrimo posts:

  5. I whole-heartedly agree! And, I did the same thing you did, by adding words to a novel I had already stared. I couldn't just start fresh either, so I decided to just add another 50,000 words as well.

    If people think that Nano is dumb or a waste of time, then they don't have to do it. Nobody is forcing them. Sometimes people just like to complain because they can, and we shouldn't let it affect our writing.

    Keep going with those daily word counts! Good job. I'm a little behind, but plan to catch up tonight.

    Btw, I found your blog via twitter after you started following me. :) ajmong

  6. Love your attitude! Keep going! Everyone has a unique writing practice. NanNoWriMo is a helpful way to find out what works or doesn't for you. You won't know until you try. No one can tell you what is right for you.

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  8. Thank you all for the comments! :)