Monday, October 4, 2010

Opportunities In the Great Big Literary World

Song of the Day: Sweet Dreams by Eurythmics

    Hello all! Hope everyone is having a fantastic Monday! The website for the literary magazine I started with Pam Harris and Marquita Hockaday ( is up and running! Check it out here: I have promoted a great deal of literary magazines and contests in the past and naturally I will be promoting my own this week. So submit your best fiction to the Black Fox! As promised I've added some jobs to the opportunities. Hopefully something on here will strike your fancy.


1. The Black Fox Fiction Contest

    The Black Fox Literary Magazine is interested in quality fiction for their first issue set to be released in the summer of 2011. They accept short stories from all genres and especially like fiction from under-represented genres such as, flash fiction, YA, romance, etc. Short Stories should be less than 5,000 words. There will be a monetary prize for the winning story, but since this is a new magazine, the amount will be based on the number of submissions received. The contest entry fee is $10 and the deadline is April 30, 2011. Visit the website for submission guidelines.

2. The Black Fox Cover Art Contest

    The Black Fox Literary Magazine is looking for Art Work for the cover of their first issue and issues thereafter. You can submit your art work through the website. Winners will be awarded a monetary prize and featured on the cover of one of the quarterly issues. The entry fee is $10 and the contest deadline is April 30, 2010.


1. Blogger/Activist

    Start-up Social Network web site needs bloggers/activists to write blogs and hand out leaflets on subjects of interest to them. Follow the Craigslist link for more information.

2. Ad/Marketing Agency Blog Writer (Remote)

    Interactive agency is selectively seeking a clever and compelling ghost blog writer to write 2 to 4 articles per month. Topics: web strategy, design, development, marketing campaigns, mobile apps and social media.
Follow the Craigslist link for more information.

   I'm just testing the waters on the job section. Hopefully I'll be able to track down more jobs in the future. I plan on posting jobs in all areas of the country, so don't panic if you don't see anything in your area this week. Maybe something will pop up next week. Also, be very careful with craigslist. They usually have some very good jobs but every now and then you get someone running a scam. Be cautious and be smart. Good Luck!


  1. Thanks for the info as always...say, that Black Fox Literary Mag contest sounds really cool ;)

  2. Woo hoo! Represent Blck Fox! :) Speaking of which, Quita and I need to put that information on our blog. Love the new job section by the way. I think it's definitely a keeper. :)