Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Opportunities in the Great Big Literary World

Song of the Day: Dreams by Brandi Carlile
  Hello All! I usually post opportunities on Monday, but yesterday got a little crazy. I’ve decided to attempt to find jobs as well (We’ll see how that goes). I’ll start posting jobs next week. In the meantime, here’s what I dug up this week.


1. Writer’s Digest “Your Story” Competition

Writer’s Digest provides an open-ended prompt and participants submit a story of 750 words or less based on the given prompt. Writer’s Digest Editors will choose the top 5 and post to the Writer’s Forum. Members of the Writer’s Forum will then vote for their favorite story. The winning entry will be published in a future issue of Writer’s Digest. The contest closes on October 10, 2010. For the writing prompt and official rules, click the link below.



1. Florida Literary Arts Coalition’s Other Words Conference:

The conference takes place at Flagler College in St. Augustine, Florida from November 4-6, 2010. According to the Website:

“The theme of this year’s conference is “Writing about Something.” This general framework suggests that panels should have themes such as writing about art, writing about place, writing about baseball, writing about physics, etc. This will allow participants who want to include readings of their poetry, fiction, or nonfiction in their presentation to do so as long as it follows the thematic guidelines. There will also the more pragmatic, nuts and bolts panels about publishing, submitting work, agents, editors, small presses, teaching creative writing, collaboration, and others.”

The conference will also feature creative writing workshops. If you’re a member of Florida Literary Arts Coalition, the cost of the conference is $50 ($80 for non-members). If you’re a member and a student the cost is $0 (wowzer!) and $25 for students who aren’t members. For more information visit the link below.


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  1. I love these posts. :) I can also add for anyone close to the VA area, the James River Writers conference will be in Richmond, Oct 7-Oct 9. Quita and I are going, and we get to pitch our novels to literary agents. :)