Thursday, September 23, 2010

Literary Magazine Limelight- LITnIMAGE

Song of the Day: Distant Dreamer by Duffy


Who they are: An online literary magazine featuring very short fiction as well as images.

What they are looking for: Here is what was posted on the site:

  “ LIT: Short for literature. But in our case, we’re really talking only fiction, and very short
    fiction at that. Our tastes in lit cover forms, themes and subjects from all over the proverbial
    map, as it really boils down to one thing in the end: Is it a great story or not? At LITnIMAGE we’re  
    partial to ones that are. So visit us frequently to discover some of the best in contemporary fiction by 
    established and emerging writers alike.

    LITnIMAGE features art in the here and now. We like art that's edgy, that has yet to be labeled or  
    attributed to a movement. We embrace thought-provoking work that causes viewers to broaden the way
    they see and feel. We enjoy work that guides and challenges our ideals. Content is significant;
    aesthetics  follows its lead. LITnIMAGE recognizes not only the skill and creativity of artists, but the 
    time and hardships they undertake to wake their audience. We're proud to spotlight the results of their

Response Time: Four to Six Weeks (often sooner)

Simultaneous Submissions? Yes, but please notify the magazine immediately

To read one of their issues or to get more information, visit the link below.


  1. I <3 LitNImage, and not just because they published one of my stories. :)

    Their response time on fiction submissions is unmatched, too.