Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Push by Sapphire

Hello all! This weekend I finished up the first 2,000 words of my Craft & Form Thesis! It was a HUGE relief! Now just 2,000-3,000 more to go! I did finish reading Push and I have to say that I actually really enjoyed it. If you are someone who is picky about grammar, then this probably isn't the book for you. Here's the thing about Push. It is the story of a sixteen year old girl named Precious who is abused emotionally, physically, and sexually by both parents. She has two children by her father. Precious is also unable to read or write. The story is told from her perspective, so you can probably guess what that's like. I was able to overlook all the bad grammar and misspelled words because the story was so compelling. Besides, the only reason the novel even has bad grammar is to demonstrate the character's inability to read. It's a quick and easy read it's a great novel for those of you who aren't sticklers! :)

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