Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Wednesday Writing Opportunities in the Great Big Literary World

Here are two contests that you can submit your work to. Even if your work isn't accepted, at least you will have the experience of knowing how to submit your work. It's always a good idea to get out there and get your feet wet. And you never know what could happen! Good Luck! :)

1. Winter 2010 Story Contest for Narrative Magazine-

The contest is open to all fiction and non- fiction writers. They accept different forms of writing from short stories, to short shorts, to essays, to memoirs. Check the website to be sure if they will accept your work.

First Prize pays $4,000
Second Prize Pays $1500
Third Prize Pays $500
Five finalists will also receive $100

All Submissions are considered for publication

There is an entry fee of $20

Deadline is March 31, 2010

To see the official rules and information about this contest, visit the Narrative Magazine

2. Narrative Magazine is also launching an application for itunes. They have created a new genre called the istory. They are looking for "short, dramatic narratives, fiction of non-fiction up to 150 words long."

The entry fee is $20

If they accept your story they will pay $250

Visit the Narrative Magazine Website for more details.


  1. Thanks for posting these contests :) I would really love to win that money!!! Great post again and I am looking forward to continuing to follow your blog.

  2. Awesome! I hope you take a stab at the istory. It's a little intimidating, but I think it could be fun. :)

  3. Yes! I am looking foward to the istory! I have been dying to try my hand at flash fiction!