Thursday, January 7, 2010

Fashion Alert Thursday!

This is my first fashion alert! I picked some trends that are going to be hot this season. Next week, I'll post couple of examples of how you can put some pieces together to achieve these looks. I will try to get some images so you can see how these trends actually look.

1. According to Lucky Magazine, one big trend will be a black and white graphic print. It is best
to pair this with some type of solid. Since, it is a print, you don't want to overdo it.

2. Lingerie that can be worn as outerwear is also big this season. This is a trend we have seen in
the past, but this season it's more of an updated look. Lucky Magazine describes that the
"hues are darker" and the silouhettes are "stronger and sexier."

3. Lucky Magazine also emphasizes that color blocking is also big. Use brighter, bolder colors to
highlight your best assets, and use darker colors (such as black) to hide the trouble areas.

4. Nude, colors will also be big this season. Pair nudes with pastels to successfully achieve this
spring 2010 look. For example, try wearing a beige cardigan with a light pink or baby blue
button down shirt under.


  1. These are some hella good tips! I am nowhere near a fashionista so I need these things. Thanks for posting them and I will keep it in mind when I go shopping- hopefully soon...I HEART shopping!!!

  2. Awesome tips! I think I need to do a bit more toning before I can try the lingerie as outerwear, though. :)

  3. Thanks guys! Pam, that's where you are wrong! It doesn't have to be super tight stuff. There are a lot of pieces that will still hide trouble areas if you feel self conscious. I know I don't like tight clothes. Also, you can wear a corsets. They are hot, fits into the lingerie category, and gives you a small waist! WHat could be better! :)