Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Blue Nothingness

I was only minding my business, basking in the luminous rays of the sun. The day was young, and I never saw it coming. He came out of nowhere. Soon, “he” turned into “them.” One held my purse, and another my wrist; the rest screaming and cheering around me. I didn’t want to go, but he continued to pull me by the wrist. Suddenly I could no longer feel the floor beneath my feet. They had me. Two of them held my feet, and another two held my hands. I put up a fight, the best that I could, squirming, and screaming, and pleading. Then someone removed my glasses and I just knew it was useless. They were going to do it. As they were counting one, two…I saw the blue nothingness beneath me. Three, they let go of me, and the blue nothingness flowed into my ears, nose, mouth. I desperately sought the floor. My anxious toes finally touched the rough concrete, and my head made it out of the blue nothingness. I was alive. Someone grabbed my hand, and helped me out. They were all there around me cheering and marveling, as I stood in my shorts and tank top dripping wet.

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